A Thousand Dreams


A Thousand Dreams

The charity project to support Ukrainian families and Armed Forces of Ukraine

Our team is working on creation of NFT collection of Ukrainian children’s drawings. Each drawing represents a child’s dream. In the end, there will be a possibility to buy one of thousand dreams on Open Sea marketplace. The funds raised from one token sale will be distributed among a creator (50%) and AFU (40%). You can join us today and either help a dream come true, or submit your own.

We will make sure the whole process goes smoothly and transparently. All the updates and documents will be made public on our social media. We have nothing to hide.

While Russians sleep very well and their troops sleep even better, many Ukrainian kids do not sleep at all. We will neither forgive, nor forget that.

Peaceful Chernihiv

I dream of peace in Chernihiv so I am be able to walk in the park with my dog and mother

~Alina, 13 years old, from the bomb shelter somewhere in Chernihiv.

Peace and silence

My dream is to be able to get out of the bomb shelter as soon as possible and enjoy nature. I just want to forget this horror.

~Veronica, 10 years old, from Chernihiv, the city of legends.

The sea

I really want to go to sea this summer with my family in peacetime. I want to celebrate my birthday, which will be on June 25. My dream’s to swim on a sightseeing ship.

~Maria, 9 years old, Melitopol

Our goal

Our goal is to support Ukrainian families who were affected by war. Each token sold will help a little dream come true. All the results and achievements will be made public and will be released on our social media. 40% of funds raised will be either donated directly to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or used to purchase equipment needed. The other 50% go to the author of a drawing. Our team guarantees transparency in every step.

Support Ukraine

After 5 months of hard work we have collected all the drawings we needed. They are now available for purchase, so you can support Ukrainian families and Armed Forces of Ukraine in the uneven fight with the enemy. All the drawings illustrate a dream of a child, each has its own story. All the kids dream of simple things. And you?



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